Jewellery History

Fine Ornamental Jewellery has been crafted for many centuries and by a diverse range of Civilisations including the ancient Egyptian, Roman and Greek empires as well as by more exotic nations such as the Aztecs in Mexico. These wonders from bye-gone days differ greatly in style but share a single common theme – their craftsmen all moulded Precious Metals such as Gold, Platinum and Silver embellished with the finest Gemstones, Diamonds, Rubies, Sapphires and others into works of art and beauty with which the owners were justifiably proud.

Our ambition is to carry forward these past traditions and create personal items of individually made Jewellery that will provide a lifetime of pleasure for its owner or wearer. We use only the best quality materials available – White or Yellow Gold (or a beautiful combination of both colours) and then enhance the beauty of the basic by encrusting individually selected Gemstones of the required type, size and specification. Whether you are seeking engagement rings, Earrings, an Eternity Ring, a Pendant, a Cross or a Plain Wedding Band, we are totally confident that your finished commission will be an individually made item that will give you and others, immense pleasure for years (if not indeed, for centuries!) to come.

With over 30 years experience and an apprenticeship earned at the famous Hatton Garden, Gary Coe Jewellers offers only the highest quality workmanship to produce an item of which you will be truly proud and delighted.

  Due to our experience in the industry and network of contacts, all Diamonds, Rubies, Sapphires, Emeralds and other quality Gemstones are “hand-picked” for each individual customer order, thereby ensuring the finest quality and value for your money.

If our illustrated designs do not show the precise item that you seek, then just send us a note of what you want – for a “No Obligation” free quotation.