Jewellery Repairs

Aside from the design and manufacture of new jewellery, we also specialise in TOP QUALITY Repairs, Renovations and Replacements. We fully recognise that most Jewellery has a Financial Value that does not properly reflect the “Sentimental Value” – perhaps of an item that has passed within a Family for Generations and now (like all of us) starts to show its age.

Gold Rings (Wedding and others) that have “thinned”, Eternity and Engagement Rings that have Missing Gemstones, all sorts of items that have become the worse for wear – can be Cleaned, Renovated, Repaired and Restored to their former state of glory – so don’t send your precious items to the scrap metal merchants before getting a quotation (with no charge or obligation) from us. As with the manufacture of our New Items Range, we will use our skills and knowledge to renew your items to an “as new” condition. As you would expect, we will use the proper materials as are appropriate and will source replacement Gemstones such as Diamonds, Rubies, Sapphires, Emeralds and others – so that they match as perfectly as is possible, the originals.

If our “REPAIRS, RESTORATION  AND REPLACEMENTS” service is of interest to you, then please send details by post or email for your free quotation – you will understand that any such estimate is based on your assessment of the work required and will be subject to confirmation from us, after we have viewed the item and before any works commence.

Call now for a quote on 07771802624 with any questions that you have about our jewellery repairs

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We provide you with a high quality friendly service at competitive rates.