Wedding Jewellery

Wedding rings are a timeless symbol of commitment and love between people. Diamonds are a perfect stone to be set into wedding rings. Whether you choose round diamonds or perhaps a princess cut or emerald cut diamond, our website includes a wide range of wedding rings to suite every bodies taste.

We provide a highly-personalized bespoke jewellery design with an ability to translate your personal requirements into reality.

Honouring the age-old tradition of fine jewellery making by a very experienced jeweller to produce unique pieces each with their own character. We are able to hand-make any of the rings in our range, alternatively you can send us your own design.

Our wedding ring buying process is second to none. We have worked with hundreds of bride & grooms, and can work with you to find the ring that you both will love but stay within your budget.

Our handmade Wedding rings and diamond rings are made by a highly skilled jeweller who has more than 40 years experience.

Before making your decision, start by looking at the 4 "C's" of diamonds. Many people will sacrifice colour and quality for size, but the decision is entirely yours. There are four universally accepted characteristics that all diamonds are graded by. They are known as the 4C's, and they are Cut, Colour, Clarity and Carat weight. It is the combination of these four "C's" that determines a diamond's value. By changing any of the characteristics, you can dramatically affect the diamond's value, all other factors being equal.

At Gary Coe jewellers we understand that our customers are looking for exclusive handmade wedding rings, Gary Coe jewellers are masters at creating timeless unique handmade wedding rings executed to exact requirements with skill and precision.

Do you want to turn your own ideas into reality? Contact us to make a custom handmade Wedding ring or handmade diamond ring to your design.